Quiller Salamander

Rp 40.000

Buku bekas, kondisi bagus warna kertas kekuningan

Anxious to return to the field, Quiller reluctantly agrees to undertake a rogue mission sponsored by a mysterious controller. The mission is more than difficult. Cambodia is again on the verge of a bloodbath, and Quiller, without London’s knowledge or support, must somehow find a way to prevent another “killing fields”. In the process Quiller will be forced to confront not just the Khmer Rouge and his own controller, but the strength of his most deeply-held convictions.


Kode Buku: bim042

Judul Buku: Quiller Salamander

Pengarang: Adam Hall

Penerbit: Headline Feature,

Tgl/Thn Terbit: 1988

Berat Buku : 0.25 kg
Dimensi :


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